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Mansfield Heat Pump Installation

Energy Efficient Heating for Your Dallas-Fort Worth Home

With winter temperatures plummeting to temperatures well below freezing during winter months, it’s critical to have a reliable source of heat if you live in North Texas. However, heating your home can be expensive—between the cost of the electricity to run your furnace and then the cost of natural gas or propane to create the heat you depend on, winter can bring on some pretty hefty energy bills. At AC Genius, we offer a solution that we feel you’ll love: an energy-efficient heat pump system. Heat pumps are incredibly effective at heating your home without the excessive burden on your energy bills. By using technology that better utilizes the heat available in the atmosphere around your home, you can enjoy a more peaceful and comfortable winter through even the coldest days and nights!

Interested in learning more about switching to a high-efficiency heat pump to stay warm? Call the team at AC Genius at (817) 587-8827 today to learn more!

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Heat pumps are incredibly efficient and effective ways of heating your home without actually burning through fuel. The majority of heating systems consume fuel in the form of natural gas, propane, or even electrical current to create heat that is then spread throughout your home using a device known as a heat exchanger. However, this process is typically fuel-intensive, results in a lot of wasted energy, and presents the risk for carbon monoxide entering your home.

While they are invaluable for cold-weather climates, warmer southern climates can benefit from the amount of heat naturally found in the atmosphere outside. This is what heat pumps do—collect heat from this atmosphere and bring it indoors. Think of it sort of like an air conditioner, but with the opposite outcome—rather than pumping heat from in your home back outside, these systems collect heat from outside and bring it in. They do this by using a combination of a compressor and refrigerant. The result is energy-efficient heating with no carbon emissions! Modern heat pumps have also been shown to be remarkably energy efficient down to some of the lowest temperatures you might see here in North Texas, operating at nearly full capacity in temperatures as low as the teens or even single digits.

Why You Should Ditch the Furnace

Why should you choose to get rid of your old, energy-burning furnace and make the switch to a heat pump? If you’re looking to replace your heating system, you might be asking yourself this important question. Heat pumps offer a number of benefits and perks that a standard heater simply can’t match. For one, the fact that they produce zero carbon emissions is a huge benefit for those who are concerned about our climate and doing right by the planet. Second, for those who don’t have access to propane or natural gas, an electric heating system might be your only option. And when you consider how vastly superior heat pumps are to traditional electric heaters, it’s easy to see how quickly you could start saving.

Here are a few great reasons to install a heat pump in your home:

  • Heat pumps save you money by reducing energy bills
  • Heat pumps offer effective operation in even some of the coldest weather
  • Heat pumps offer exceptional longevity, with expected lifespans in the range of 25 to 30 years
  • Heat pumps offer peace of mind with no carbon monoxide emissions to leak into your home
  • Heat pumps can be installed in virtually any home that already has an air conditioning system.

Heat Pump Repairs in Mansfield

Do you own a heat pump? If your heater has stopped working, AC Genius is the team to call for heating repairs in Mansfield. In addition to new installation and replacement, we offer repairs for all makes and models of equipment. We back our work with confidence and offer our Straight Forward Pricing™ guarantee, meaning no hidden fees or unexpected costs.

If your heat pump is causing you frustration, contact the team at AC Genius to get started today!

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