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When your air conditioning unit malfunctions, you need AC repair as soon as possible. As hot as our summers get in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, living without AC is not just uncomfortable, but for some people, like the elderly and small children, it can be very dangerous. You and your family can count on AC Genius to provide same-day AC service and repair allowing you to get your home back to the comfortable temperature you prefer.

Central Air Conditioning

Central air, also commonly recognized as a split system, has two major components – the compressor and the handler. The compressor is the large unit that sits outside of the home. Your handler can be found in various areas within the home, often in the attic, garage or utility space. While the parts are spread out, it is still easy for highly trained technicians to evaluate both components and find the problem fast. Through expert troubleshooting and diagnostics, the malfunction is located and potential future issues are identified.

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Common Issues

Because of the advanced technology in new air conditioners, your entire system can shut down for even the smallest of problems. Many calls for AC repair are caused by a faulty thermostat or issues detected by it. A series of sensors are run electronically through your thermostat. When they detect moisture or an electrical issue, they will send a signal to your thermostat that will trigger a system shutdown. With our specialized sensors and diagnostic equipment, we can easily connect to your system to find the issue fast.

When components of your system are dirty, it can cause it to not function properly or at all. Many homeowners fail to change their air filter regularly, so dust and hair build up on the coils, causing them to freeze. Depending on the amount of debris on the coils, we might be able to clean them intact or we may have to remove them entirely for a thorough cleaning. The latter is a much more expensive AC repair service.

The refrigerant in AC systems needs to be maintained at a certain level for maximum efficiency. Over long periods of time, it may become low and need recharging. But a low refrigerant level can also indicate a leak. This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately through AC repair.

AC Replacement

We understand that your family operates on a budget and not everyone has emergency funds allotted for a new air conditioner. When AC repair will not suffice, we may recommend a replacement. For your convenience, we offer financing options. We are also a certified Trane dealer and can offer the best prices in the area. We will never recommend an AC service you don’t need and will always help you find the best solution within your budget. We will provide you with a free estimate that will help you feel confident in whatever decision you make.

AC Maintenance

To help prevent costly AC repair and early air condition replacement, we highly recommend a scheduled maintenance plan. One of our well-trained technicians can perform a thorough inspection of your unit to ensure all components are clean and functioning properly. Not only will this help your system to run more efficiently year after year, correct preventive maintenance can catch problems when they are simple to fix.

Emergency AC Service

An air conditioning unit can break down any time of the day and any day of the week. So we offer emergency AC services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We don’t make our clients sweat it out over the weekend. Our same-day AC repair will have your system running and your home cooled quickly.

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